No Bust 21st Century Blackjack

How To Play

  1. The hand value is determined by the sum of the cards. All cards have face value. Aces are 1 or 11. Picture cards are counted as 10. A Joker makes any hand a 21. All 21’s are of equal value.
  2. A single or multiple deck of standard cards is used. If multiple decks are used, one Joker is added to each deck.
  3. When play begins, all players receive two cards face up; the player/dealer’s hand will receive one card face up. After the completion of the draw the player/dealer will receive a second card. The player/dealer’s second card determines the “Action”.
  4. Players have the option to draw additional cards after the completion of the initial deal. Players may receive additional (hit) cards, starting from the first position clockwise of the player/dealer.
  5. After all players have exercised their right to draw additional cards, the player/ dealer may receive his/her cards. The player/dealer may draw as many cards as permitted. See chart “Hit/Stand rules for Player/Dealer.”
  6. If the player/dealer’s up card is a Joker, there is no draw for the players.

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to form a Hand that totals as close to a Natural as possible, without exceeding it. A Natural hand beats all other hands. A Natural consists of two Jokers.

Game Rules

  1. If a player’s total is more than a “Natural” and the player/dealer’s total is a “Natural” or less, the player/dealer wins.
  2. If a player’s total is a “Natural” or less, as the player/dealer’s total is more than a “Natural”, the player wins.
  3. If a player’s total is more than a “Natural”, and the player/dealer’s total is ‘more than a “Natural”, and
    a.The player/dealer is closer to a “Natural”, then the player/dealer wins.
    b. The player is closer to a “Natural”, it results in a “push”.
  4. Player/dealer wins all ties over a “Natural”.
  5. If the player’s total and the player/dealer’s total are both below a “Natural”, the hand closest to the “Natural” wins.
  6. If the player and the player/dealer have the same total equaling a “Natural” or less, it is a “push”.
    No Bust 21st Century Blackjack
  1. Players may double-down on any two cards and receive one draw card.
  2. Players cannot split, double-down or surrender any hand with a Joker.
  3. Players splitting:
  4. a. Aces will receive one draw card only.
    b. Any other pair or any two cards of 10 value will receive multiple draw cards
    c. Players may double-down after splits.
  5. Re-splitting is permitted (up to 3x).
  6. Players can surrender on their first two cards, and forfeit half of their wager.
  7. If the player/dealer’s second card is a Joker, double-downs and splits only receive action on the initial bet.
  8. All pay-offs are to the extent that the player/dealer money covers.
  9. Additional rules may apply.
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