LO-BALL is a form of five card draw poker, in which low hands are the objective. Aces count as low, with straights and flushes ignored. The BEST hand is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, with the joker being wild and counting as the lowest missing card in the hand.

  1. No splitting blinds.
  2. Any player, excluding the dealer, may draw five cards. At the discretion of the floorman, where there has been bona fide action and a hand is fouled by another player, the player fouled may draw five cards or have the number of cards replaced. The dealer can only draw three cards.
  3. Before the draw, exposed cards of five and under must be taken. After the draw, exposed cards cannot be taken. The player will receive a substitute card after the deal is completed. When the pot in play is heads-up between the dealer and another player, the player may accept or reject an exposed card on the draw.
  4. After the draw, a player cannot check and raise.
  5. If a seven or less has been checked, the player checking same cannot win an additional bet. If a seven is checked, provided it is the best seven, all other action is void.
  6. A player who bets a pair after the draw and is called must verbally declare the pair before spreading the hand.
  7. Before the draw a player going “all in” with a short bet may be raised. The player raising the pot must put in two full bets. After the draw a short bet may be called, or called and raised a full bet. Before the draw a player must have a full bet to raise (unless it is head-up). After the draw a player can get.full action on his money, though a short bet does not constitute a raise.
  8. Only one short buy is permitted after each full buy-in. When you have less that five bets in front of you after purchasing chips, it is a short buy.
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