All general house rules apply to Draw poker, with the following rules applying to Draw Poker ONLY.

  1. Value of hands in sequence:
    1. 5 ACES
    6. FLUSH
    9. 2 PAIR
    10. 1 PAIR
    *JOKER used only for ACES, STRAIGHTS and FLUSHES
  2. A spread limit game at the Oaks Club is played with a blind. A pass before the draw and the player passes out. Check and raise is permitted after the draw. In an ante game, check and raise is permitted before and after the draw.
  3. Five cards constitute a playing hand. More or less than five cards after the draw is a foul hand. Before the draw more than five cards is a foulhand if the player picks them up.
  4. Players must discard before receiving their cards on the draw. The dealer must discard before picking up the deck and should make sure the other players have discarded before dealing the first card.
  5. The dealer should VERBALLY declare how many cards he intends to draw before picking up the deck.
  6. The dealer may draw no more than three cards. Any other player may draw four cards.
  7. If a player describes his hand as being better than it is and in doing so causes another player to discard his hand, he forfeits his right to the pot. If any hands are discarded, the pot is split among the remaining players.
  8. Before the draw players take up to two exposed cards. On the draw exposed cards are not taken (except the dealer’s cards). The player must accept a replacement card after the deal is completed.
  9. The cards should be shuffled facing away from the dealer, preferablyflaton the table. ENFORCEMENT OF THIS RULEIS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL PLAYERS. No one is allowed to look into the deck or discards after the deal is completed.
  10. If the dealer deals the bum card to a player who puts it into his hand, the card plays and the action goes, but the dealer’s hand is dead.
  11. A raise must equal or exceed the opening bet. A reraise must equal or exceed the previous raise. A player must have half a bet or more to constitute a raise. In a spread limit game, such as $4 to $40, a player has the option of betting within a specified range before or after the draw. Ex:A player bets $20 in a $4 to $40 spread limit game. You must put in at least $40 to raise unless you go all in.
  12. Chips in the pot denote a player’s action. Chips must be RELEASED with a forward motion of the hand into the pot to be considered a bet or a call.
  13. In draw poker only one short buy per player is permitted during a playing session.
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