A “Jackpot Game” is a game in which a bonus is paid to a player if he or she has a specific hand beat during play. There must be 5 players dealt into any hand for a Jackpot or Bonus to be paid. ALL HOUSE RULES APPLY TO JACKPOT GAMES WITH THESE EXCEPTIONS:

  1. The Jackpot is void if the deck is not correct. Ex: Too many cards, Too few cards, two cards of same suit or denomination; the JACKPOT WILL NOT BE PAID. Any conversation among players that could lead to a jackpot being hit may, at the discretion of the floorman, cause the JACKPOT TO BE VOID.
  2. After the deck has been deemed to be correct, the jackpot will be paid.
  3. No one may play another player’s chips in a jackpot game.
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