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February's Valentines Day Love Fest 2014

"The Valentines Day Love Fest" Tourney took place on Sunday February 16th 2014 and featured 28 players fighting for a 19th hole prize pool over $3300, in the end All-in Steve would be the winner (again). Fred "Fmc" was the 11th place finisher will join us March 23rd 2014 for The St. Patricks Day Blarney, which will be @ 2:15p.m. The Valentines Day Love Fest featured over 4 hours of exciting poker action.

Top 10

1st: All-In Steve
2nd: KC
3rd: Mccoy
4th: Martin
5th: Lex
6th: John
7th: Jose
8th: Cyndee
9th: Bob C.
10th: Carrie

Join all our winners from this great event, as well as winners from our past tournaments and be at the 19th hole in Antioch, Ca for our weekly tournaments on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's at 5:30p.m.