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2014 The Income Tax Bonus

"The Income Tax Bonus" Tourney took place on Sunday April 27th 2014 and featured 23 players fighting for a 19th hole prize pool of $2355 in the end the last 4 players chopped it our for the 1st place. KH took home the trophy for 1st place after the deal, Richard Coney was the 6th place finisher and will join us on Sunday May 18th 2014 for The Spring Fling, which will be @ 2:15p.m. The Income Tax Bonus featured over 3 hours of exciting poker action.

Top 6

1st: KH
2nd: All-in
3rd: Brad (Hoss-Brotherinlaw-Canseco)
4th: Corey
5th: Mark (Miami)
6th: FREE ENTRY 5-18-2014: Richard Coney

Join all our winners for our next Sunday tourney on May 18th 2014, and be at the 19th hole in Antioch, Ca for our weekly tournaments on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's at 5:30p.m.